Reiki with Wild Vultures

Reiki isn’t just for Domesticated Animals – Here is a video offering reiki to wild black vultures by Kelly McCarthy

video editing by Dylan Amery

“Every morning I walk my neighborhood block with my dog and three cats. The cats are not on leashes but they just walk together, playing in the yards along the walk, checking things out and staying close to me. This one particular morning we had a black vulture walking behind us, who just seemed to stay about 20 feet behind the entire way. None of the animals were bothered or even curious as to what this creature was or why he was following us. The cats and dog just allowed him to follow. After completing our walk (and even crossing the road at two different intersections) we all walked down the driveway and as I looked back he was still following. As we went up the stairs to the back deck on the house, I glanced behind amazed to see he was still coming. I let my animals in the house and as I turned around he was standing at the glass door on the back deck. I slowly opened the door and asked if he’d like to share in some reiki where he proceeded to turn around and jump up on my railing. I stepped outside and a voice inside told me to set up my phone to record so I did (and boy am I glad I did) I began my session with my intention to invite him in, taking only what he needed or wanted or nothing at all in his highest good in that moment. It wasn’t until I watched the video later that I even realized that more vultures had gathered to share in the space. It’s a beautiful reminder that in our stillness, when we release our expectations and just go within that we can openly with compassion and love share reiki space with the entire planet. ”

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