Klarity Medallions

After a little over a year of sharing these magical creations connecting us all as one I have started a new design that better suits the understanding I have come to within my own journey that represents what this connection truly means to me. Stay tuned as I create my newest Klarity Medallion and in gratitude I thank you for your patience.

I have always had a love of crystals. I have used them in my own self healing for years so when I started working with animals it seemed only natural to share the healing qualities of crystals with them as well. I found over time that animals were extremely drawn to them and would actually experience a deeper connection to our reiki space when they were present.

It was a clear message to create Klarity medallions. These holistic pet tags can be worn or placed near where an animal spends a great deal of time to enjoy daily reiki while assisting them in their journey to stay aligned and self heal. Hand poured with high quality resin, intention and love (and a little mermaid glitter for fun) the healing qualities of each stone combined with the silver to create a “chi energy” will help all animals in their journey to a more balanced and healthy life. Each crystal and metal were chosen for what I believe animals need most for chakra balancing, emotional support, EMF reduction, anxiety and so much more.

It became quickly apparent that people wanted the magical gifts these medallions carried for themselves, not only for the healing qualities but for their sheer beauty. The energy created in my daily reiki sessions flows freely from the medallions to support, nuture and love all that possess one.

Every animal in this vast kingdom should have the same beautiful opportunity to use crystals to balance their chakras, emotions, fears, pain and all the same things we as humans experience, as well as help stay grounded and protect themselves from EMFs – (electromagnetic fields that come from cell phones, Wi-Fi and electronics)

Here are a detailed description of each stone within a Klarity medallion.

Turquoise Howlite – Reduces anxiety, stress and tension, helps to diffuse anger and aggression, eliminates pain, calms over active mind, aids in deeper and more restful sleep, releases muscle tension.

Citrine – Increases clarity of thought, magnifies power of will, assists in overcoming difficulty and adversity, enhances physical stamina and energy, supports endocrine system and proper metabolism.

Amethyst – Helps to understand root cause of imbalance or disease, helps in protection from negative energies, aids in communicating with ones guides and angels (yes animals do this too), used to heal addictive patterns and/or behaviors, increases clarity of mind.

Tiger’s Eye – Stimulates root and solar plexus chakras, assists in taking effective action, activates intellect and sharpens logic, energizes the body, supports general vitality, teaches balance between polarities, strengthens the endocrine system.

Lapis Lazuli – Clears energy systems of the body, helps to discover one’s inner divine nature, activates psychic centers at the third eye, invokes divine inspiration, assists with connecting with the gods. helps transmute mental and emotional blockages.

Rose Quartz – heals the heart, reawakens trust, releases tension and stress, dispels fear and suspicion, clams the mind, assists in releasing worry, fear, anxiety, and past emotional trauma, helps balance the physical heart

Clear Quartz – Amplifies energy, contains memory and is programmable, brings heightened spiritual awareness, opens all chakras, expands consciousness, encourages clarity, stimulates the nervous system, helps with growth of fingernails and hair

Silver – Is associated with the moon goddess. The feminine energy of the moon can also be associated with water.  Silver, like water, has a soothing and calming energy. As a metal of the emotions, not only is it an antibacterial but it amplifies the energy of any gemstone or mineral it is combined with.

Included in packaging for each medallion are a jump ring and two sizes of S hooks to choose from for easy attachment to any collar.  A black string necklace is also included for human wear or to hang the medallion.

In gratitude I thank you for sharing in my mission to show compassion and understanding to the animal kingdom