Kelly McCarthy is a passionate animal reiki teacher, intuitive practitioner and insightful speaker located in Litchfield County, CT. She offers heartfelt in-home sessions, animal reiki classes within CT, distance sessions worldwide and reiki infused Klarity medallions created for inner balance for you and your pet. Along with Animal Reiki classes for the public she is a proud member and teacher for SARA (shelter animal reiki association) that offers classes to employees and volunteers of shelters who work tirelessly to assist in finding animals their forever homes. Kelly volunteer’s reiki to animal rescues that house their animals in foster care while at times being a foster mom of dogs in her home along with her own dog, four cats and ball python. Kelly speaks at various venues offering Pet Talks on the Benefits of Animal Reiki hoping to educate and connect people to their animals on a much deeper level. Her mission is to share Animal Reiki worldwide with households, sanctuaries, rescues and zoos not only with the animals within their boundaries but with their human caregivers and handlers creating a beautiful space of love, compassion and a deeper understanding of their Impact in each other’s lives.


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Teacher with SARA 

“Animals are natural born healers and are my greatest teachers”