I could not be happier with Kelly! She responded to me and was very sweet when doing so. She was able to do a reading for me on my mare and answer my questions. I was so pleased and thrilled with how wonderful she was, how quickly she got back to me after the reading, that I gifted my best friend a reading of her gelding done by Kelly. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to everyone. Thank you for your help Kelly.

Mary Beth Ledan, – Owner of Sally

I asked Kelly to ask our new rescue, Maya Mae, what she needed from me to be happy and healthy. What Kelly communicated to me from Maya Mae blew my socks off. She was so on point I cried. Kelly is very intuitive and her gift is amazing.

Lisa Whitehouse – Owner of Maya Mae

I was first introduced to Kelly when my dog was having serious issues and people around me thought it was hopeless. Kelly came in and allowed my family to help Cooper work though his problems. We now have a better understanding of our dog and how to help him get through stressful situations. The work Kelly offered to my kids and I opened our eyes to a new path of compassion and healing.

Beth Baldwin – Owner of Cooper

Kelly visited my home to spend time with my cat and I with the goal of learning how I may support my cat to modify his behavior.  My cat is a loving. snuggly male who likes to scratch thinks  I prefer he wouldn’t and even enjoys love bites to let me know I was missed.   After a peaceful reiki session I discovered new ways to interact with him and he has since then refrained from scratching my dining room chairs and his love bites have been less often.   My cat is even more lovable and has a new favorite activity,  traveling with me as often as he is able to.   Thank you Kelly for helping me understand how to create a more loving home for my feline friend, Mr. White.  Gretchen Bartkus, owner Mr Harvey White

Kelly is someone with extraordinary healing powers that transcend all planes. She operates with love, compassion and empathy in a field that requires deep knowledge and skill. She is adaptable and so dedicated to her work. 
Kelly accompanied me to an animal sanctuary as I released a dog who had become aggressive towards humans while living in the city. He was my pet for 5 years. 
Upon seeing and sensing Kelly, my dog’s guard was all the way down. He jumped in the back of her car and did not exhibit any of his usual stress when meeting a stranger.  He trusted her 100% and she knew exactly how to treat him and what to do around him. 
The situation was already unbearable for me emotionally, and Kelly was able to offer me exactly the right amount of conversation  for the 3 hour drive – and on the way home. I was a mess pulling out of that driveway and Kelly was calm, reassuring and focused on my pet and me. 
She was able to tell me my dog’s emotions about the situation and worked on him quietly as she drove. 
I originally had someone else going on this trip with me and boy am I thrilled they cancelled. I cannot imagine doing this without Kelly.  
I still struggle with the decision I had to make to rehome my dog. But then I think back to some of the things Kelly said in the car with me that day and I know all is well with my dog and that he felt immense love from both his human momma and her human companion as we made his transition to his country home. Abbey Levine – Owner, Swirl Studies, Momma to Paulie Meatballs

“I am eternally grateful to have had the incredible support of Kelly during an extremely difficult time for myself, my husband and our precious fur baby, Perny. Her connection to Perny, and us, throughout the final months of his life was priceless. She enabled us to feel a great deal of comfort and peace amidst the tremendously difficult transition. Kelly is a true gift to both the animals she works with and the humans lucky enough to call themselves pet parents. Gabbi Zaccheria – owner of Perny, cat RIP


“As soon as Kelly picked up the phone, I felt a strong connection and knew she understood the guidance I needed.  We discussed having her come out to the house to meet Lula so she could get a better read on my ailing pup and what next steps would be best.  When she walked up to the house, it was as if she were a close friend, giving me a big hug.  When Kelly walked in the front door, Lula was very curious and affectionate.  Before beginning the session, Kelly asked for Lula’s permission to connect with her on a spiritual level and Lula responded by putting her paw on Kelly’s chest as acceptance.  Kelly explained that some dogs will just walk away and go lay down somewhere else, but Lula laid down at Kelly’s feet and for the first time in a very long time, began snoring and fell fast asleep.  The fact that she relaxed into the session so quickly gave me so much comfort because she had been very restless and more protective of me in the recent past.

I decided to be present for the session, so I sat in my chair a few feet away with my eyes closed as Kelly continued with her spiritual work.  From time to time, I would smile as Lula would snore more loudly and started moving in her dreams.   Next, Kelly stood up next to me and put her hands on my shoulders.  I instantly felt a sense of relief from all the worrying and sadness I had been feeling.  She was so calming and caring in her work, and when she was done I felt at peace.  She said that Lula was happy and not ready to move on yet, but that Lula would let me know when it was time or would possibly just pass on her own when I wasn’t there.  It gave me such comfort to know that I could continue doing my best to keep her comfortable and share more time together with me.  It was also very special to know that Kelly was including us in her daily prayers and I am still grateful to Kelly for her kindness and the love she showed to both of us during such an emotional time.  She will always be in my heart.” Cynthia Stevens, owner of Lula, dog, RIP sweet friend


” I have LOVED our sessions … I feel more connected to Kendyl and I’m pretty certain she feels more connected to me and my sons… (instead of hanging out alone in my room after sessions she walks around with us more seeking out our company) … in both of our sessions there have been a couple of woah moments where what I was experiencing she had a reaction to and there were no out loud words or actions so it was more than just a coincidence “ Tricia Leah, owner of Kendall, dog